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THIS PAGE lists all the King-Cat Book Collections and non King-Cat publications currently available, with prices. (Individual issues of King-Cat, and subscription rates etc, are listed on the KING-CAT COMICS page - see link above). For ORDERING instructions, please click on the HOW TO ORDER link at the top of this page... thanks!


THE NEXT DAY (Pop Sandbox, Toronto: 2011)

TND cover resized for web.jpgThis new title, written by Paul Peterson and Jason Gilmore, and illustrated by John Porcellino, features the true stories of four suicide survivors-- the lives that led them to their decision, and their lives in the wake of it. Published in conjunction with a National Film Board of Canada sponsored web-documentary. 100 pages, in navy blue ink; perfect-bound; $17.00.

MAP OF MY HEART (Drawn and Quarterly Books, Montreal: 2009)

Map mock cover.gifMap of My Heart collects selections from King-Cats 51-54 as well as issues 55-61 in their (near) entirety, including such classic KC strips as "I Saw Where the Root Hog Lives," "Psalm," "Forgiveness," "Introduction to the Night Sky," and "Punt No Tell," among many, many others. Over seventy-five individual comics and stories are included, PLUS: extensive endnotes, maps, bonus comics, journal entries, and the complete 24 page mini-zine, The Kukoc Cat Named Maisie! 360 pages, softcover, $25.00. AVAILABLE NOW!

THOREAU AT WALDEN (CCS/Hyperion Books for Children, New York: 2008)

Thoreau-Jacket.jpgBACK IN STOCK! On Independence Day in 1845, the American philosopher Henry David Thoreau moved into a small cabin, built by his own hands, on the shore of Walden Pond outside Concord Massachusetts. He lived there for two years, two months and two days, and wrote a book about his experience called Walden, which has gone on to become one of the most influential philosophical works in the world.

Walden's message of self-reliance, self-reflection, social criticism, and harmony with nature has resonated with readers for over 150 years. Thoreau at Walden is an impression of Thoreau's time at the pond, with text taken directly from Thoreau's own published writings. Henry David Thoreau is one of my biggest inspirations as an artist and human being, so this project was very near and dear to my heart.

110 page graphic novel by John Porcellino, from the writings of Henry David Thoreau. Introduction by author D.B. Johnson, coloring by JP Coovert; with endnotes and a quotational cross-reference. Printed in brown and black ink. Hardcover: $17.00.

KING-CAT CLASSIX (Drawn and Quarterly Books, Montreal: 2007)

KCC cover for web v2.jpgThis 384 page hardcover collection compiles the "best of" the first fifty issues of King-Cat, 1989 - 1996. It features such classic strips as "Hold Everything" and "Ringtail Revenge" (starring Racky Raccoon), "Three Balls," "Ed, the Happy Trucker," "October," "Justify My Love," "Desperation Angels," and much much more, including the All Sam issue and the Violent Garden, Ranks of the Damned, and Cadillac March series in their entirety.

Rounding things out are a generous selection of King-Cat articles, essays, "Snornose Pages," Top 40s, letters columns, cover images, and an extensive set of endnotes by yours truly, John P.

Beautifully designed by Tom Devlin, this book is a giant chunk of King-Cat history, much of it unseen for over fifteen years!

6" x 9" hardcover book with dust jacket, 384 pages. Over 140 individual comics and stories, $30.00.

DIARY OF A MOSQUITO ABATEMENT MAN (La Mano, Minneapolis: 2005)

In my younger days I worked for five years as an exterminator - a Mosquito Abatement Man, and wrote about my on-the-job experiences in King-Cat. This new collection contains all the Mosquito Abatement stories as they originally appeared in King-Cat from 1989 - 1999, plus 30 pages of new comics (drawn in 2004) to round things out. Nicely designed by Tom Devlin, this book received the 2005 Ignatz Award for Outstanding Anthology or Collection. Two color covers, 106 pages, squarebound. $12.00

PERFECT EXAMPLE (Drawn and Quarterly Books, Montreal: 2005)

This collection contains all the King-Cat stories taking place in the year 1986: Live Evil (from King-Cat 50), Belmont Harbor (KC 47), Perfect Example (52 - 53) and Escape to Wisconsin (from issue #50). An epic story of teenage confusion: Girls, friends, girlfriends, guitars and punk rock. Full color covers, nice multi-color interiors, squarebound. 124 pgs, $17.00

NOTE: This is a new edition of Perfect Example (originally published by Highwater Books in 2000). The content is the same as the Highwater edition, however the "bio" at the end has been updated to 2005, and the covers have been re-designed.


ON RUBY HILL: Poems, 1997-2002 (self-published, Sept. '09)

Ruby Hill 2 for web.jpg
This new zine collects poetry written by yours truly from 1997-2002, and acts as a kind of supplement to the new King-Cat collection, Map of My Heart. Includes 30 short poems (text only, no illustrations). 16 digest pages, $2.00.

NOW WE ARE FORTY (self-published, Sept. '08)

Now 40 for web.jpgI made this little illustrated mini-zine to commemorate my recent 40th birthday. A brief look back at four decades of my life; navel-gazing at its finest! 8 mini-pages, black ink on brown cardstock; SOLD OUT.

THROUGH THE YEAR WITH GORDON THE FOX (Little Otsu, San Francisco; 2007)

Calendar cover for web.jpgThis FULL COLOR Mini-Book features the lovable GORDON THE FOX making his way through the seasons of the year. Drawn by John Porcellino, colored by Yvonne Chen, and published by Little Otsu. Dimensions: full color soy-based inks on recycled paper; spiral bound. $7.00.

THE ONES THAT EVERYBODY KNOWS (self-published, April 2006)

stars copy.gifBrand new micro comic features a brief poem / comic (4 pages) about stars. 8 mini sized pages total, $1.00.

3 POEMS ABOUT FOG (self-published: March '06)

fog copy.gifThis new little booklet features... you guessed it... 3 short poems about fog, in comics form (4 pages of comics), wrapped in nice fog colored paper, with hand-cut fog shaped cardstock covers. A total of 12 digest pages (4 pages of comics), $2.00



Diario cover.jpgESPAÑOL Spanish language edition of Diary of a Mosquito Abatement Man, from Apa Apa Comics in Barcelona. En Español, 104 págs., blanco y negro.

EJEMPLO PERFECTO (Ponent Mon, Tarragona, 2008)

ejemplo perfecto.pngESPAÑOL New Spanish Language edition of Perfect Example, from Ponent Mon, Tarragona Spain. En Español, 144 págs., blanco y negro.

MOON LAKE TRAILS (Ego Comme X, Angouleme: 2006)

moon lake trails cover.jpgFRANÇAIS New French language collection includes the stories Forgiveness, Punt No Tell, I Saw Where the Root Hog Lives, Introduction to the Night Sky, Perfect Example, and Escape to Wisconsin. En Français, 192 pages; AVAILABLE FROM THE PUBLISHER:

KING-CAT NUMMER EINS (Reprodukt, Berlin: 1998)

cover_kc-reprodukt.jpgDEUTSCHE German language collection gathers the best of the mid-1990s issues including Belmont Harbor, Mountain Song, Desperation Angels and many others. Squarebound, full color covers. Im Deutsche, 60 digest pages.

My copies are SOLD OUT, but this book is still available from the publisher:

THE KING-CAT COLLECTION (B.ü.L.b. Comix, Geneva: 1998)

FRANÇAIS Nicely crafted Swiss (French language) import collects Belmont Harbor (#47), Mountain Song (#49), plus many shorter, harder to find strips like Utah, Ghost of a Man and lots more. Hand screened perfect bound cardboard covers. 56 digest pages, en Français; $12.00


Souvaris "I felt nothing at all" CD (Bearos Records)

souvaris_cd.jpgAmazing four song album by this six piece band from the UK. The songs, all instrumental, each approach the 20 minute mark... with layers upon layers of sound, repeated and subtly evolving themes carry you into a wordless yet emotionally rich musical landscape. Excellent.

For King-Cat readers: I designed the album artwork, with full color digipak sleeves, and a 12 page booklet featuring an exclusive 6 page comic story.

From the Bearos website:

"Souvaris are a six piece instrumental band. They [explore] tone, melody, rhythm and noise in vast and intricately constructed arrangements designed to envelop and overwhelm the audience - you don't so much listen to their music as feel it.

The obvious reference points are gods of post-rock like Labradford, Godspeed You Black Emperor!, AerialM and Mogwai. In the presence of such big boys of the scene it's something of a feat in itself that Souvaris have managed to carve their initials into the playground post-rock tree. They impressed John Peel with their debut demo CD-R which went straight from post tray to play list.

Since this the band have released singles for Telesphere Records and a split 7" with The Workhouse on Awkward Silence."

"[a] rare essence of complete vastness and beauty that‚s almost untranslatable."

--Andy Robbins,

Imported 4 song digipak CD (approx 80 minutes), with comic by John Porcellino -- NEW LOWER PRICE!!! was $15.00 NOW-- $12.00

COMING SOON (Book Collections)

The Hospital Suite - picks up where ...Abatement Man leaves off; this all new story documents my summer of 1997.

From Lone Mountain - collecting King-Cats 62-68.