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THIS PAGE lists all the issues of KING-CAT COMICS currently available, with prices, as well as subscription rates. (Book collections and other items are listed on the OTHER PUBLICATIONS page - see link above). For ORDERING instructions, please click on the HOW TO ORDER link at the top of this page... thanks!


King-Cat Subscriptions are available, see chart below for rates! When ordering a new subscription, please let me know which issue you'd like it to start with! Thanks! (Please note New US/Canada Rates, below.)

4-Issue Subscription
U.S.A. -- $14.00
CANADA -- $16.00

Gift Subscriptions are also available. Just include the name and address you'd like it sent to!

PLEASE NOTE: At the rate I’ve been going lately, a 4-issue subscription will last about 2-3 years! So if you’re a subscriber, please let me know if your mailing address changes! Thanks!


---NEW!--- #72 (November, 2011)

KC 72 cover small cropped.jpgNew issue features heartbreak, lonely skies, woodchucks, bats, cats, dreams, and radioactive squirrels; Top 40, more. 32 digest pages. $3.00

#71 - August 2010

kc71_thumb.jpgThis one features: Lost Denver, Street Encounter, Tenderness, Middle-Aged Dirtbag, The End of a Love Affair, and much more. 32 digest pages, $3.00.

(Sorry the image looks so bad-- click here for a better one.)

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#70, September 2009

KC70 cover small.jpgMarking the King-Cat 20th Anniversary, this brand new issue features: Depression, Meds, Alcohol; Them There Skweezils; Frustration, Diogenes, and Square-Head John (Return to Trinidad); plus: Top-40, and LOTS MORE. Not as sad as one might think. 36 digest pages, $3.00.

#69, September 2008

KC 69 cover for web.jpgThis recent issue features a nice mix of funny and sad stories: The Skweezil Cat Chronicles, Moon, Clouds, Heavy Metal Memories, and a poem; Ghetto Palms; plus-- Top-40, letters, and lots more! 32 digest pages, $3.00


#68, October 2007

kc68_cover.jpgThis recent issue features John R., and Maisie; Back to Denver; Clouds, anthills, Nature Notes, and Autumn; Diogenes of Sinope; more. 36 digest pages, $3.00.

#67 (Oct. 06)

KC67 cover for web.gifA loose collection of stories and shorter impressions... art, life, fear and opening up. Sleeping in the Car in L.A., Colorado Folk Artist Square-Head John, Walking in San Francisco; plus letters, Top 40, and much much more. 40 digest pages, SOLD OUT

#66 (Dec. 05):

kc 66 cover for website.gifThis recent issue features two "long" stories: "Las Hojas" - about playing football with the kids in my old neighborhood, and "Freeman Kame" about... Freeman Kame. Plus Snornose, Blue Light, and a letter from Al. 36 digest pages, $3.00.

#65 (Nov. 05):

kc 65 web image.jpgThe PLACE issue: places I've lived, places I've been, places I've wanted to be. Essays and comics about Iowa City, DeKalb Ill., Brighton Colo., Scott County Kansas, and Elgin; Looking for Home. 40 digest pages, $3.00

#64 (July 05):

KC 64 cover web exp.jpgMy dear Father passed away unexpectedly in April 2005. So this new issue has a lot in it about him, and us. Includes: Road Trip Back East, Memories of My Dad, Beautiful Dream. Plus: cats, dogs, monks, and yellow flowers; more. 40 digest pages, $3.00

#62 (Aug. 03)

The Back to Denver issue features kites, clouds, stars; cats, dogs and catalpa trees. Plus: letters; road trips and quiet mornings. 32 digest pages, $2.00

#60 (12/01)

Nature: Ticks, trees, wind, sun; Prairies, possums, Mental illness; Nebraska. Plus: letters, Top-40 and more. Not so sad. 32 pages, $2.00 (Found some more of these while packing up for our move-- BACK IN STOCK!)

#50 (5/96)

Special "anniversary" issue features: childhood memories, Punk vs. Metal, Jazz pianist Bud Powell, all new Cadillac March episode, Escape to Wisconsin, letters and more. Funny and tender, a good mix. 40 pgs, back in stock in limited quantities! Please write for availability. $4.00


I found a box of these I didn't know I had, so this 1997 flip-book done with Joe Chiappetta is back in stock! 32 oversize pages feature otherwise unavailable King-Cat and Silly Daddy comics, plus color covers and a color jam centerfold, $2.00